The history of the company dates back to 1905, but García de la Cruz family acquired the rights of the group of companies in 1914/1915. It was back then, when the family started to make their own wines for the first time.

In August 1914, Mr. Cipriano García de la Cruz purchased the above wineries.

Since the harvest of 1914 the family has been elaborating wines and mistelas. Later on, the winery was directed by his son, Mr. Francisco García de la Cruz, and nowadays by his grandson, Mr. Manuel García de la Cruz.

In 1996, the new society is established as BOGARVE 1915, changing the name to the antique society.

During the XX century, the company was mainly engaged to the bulk sales. But, in 1996 the company started its vineyard plantings and created the companies that integrate the group: ALGARVE 1914 and BOGARVE 1915. Both names arise from the combination of Alcoholes y Bodegas García de la Cruz Vega, the two last names of the family and the years of establishment, paying tribute to the first wine campaign that was produced in the facilities; giving 1914 to ALGARVE, and 1915 to BOGARVE.

 In 2006, BOGARVE 1915, S.L., began bottling wine onsite, launching an artisan product elaborated with the latest technologies based on its centenary experience and expertise, and creating several commercial brands for its products portfolio. Among the products elaborated highlight the white, red, and rosé wines. A very special mention deserve the mistelas, liqueur wines, elaborated from Airen, Grenache and small grain Muscat varieties, and also the Vermouth.

Bogarve historia 2

The formula to elaborate all our products is our best kept secret; they are developed under exclusive criteria transmitted by our ancestors, and the result has been a very accomplished and differentiated product. The previous step in the wine elaboration is also very important; realizing exhaustive control of the vineyards during the summertime; the winery makes its own vineyard checks and conducts periodic analysis of the grapes in order to establish the optimal time to harvest. The harvest is always done at night.

Continuous checks are made throughout the fermentation period that ensures the quality of their wines. Selected yeasts and nutrients of the highest qualities are used in the fermentation.

The family currently owns a vineyard area of about 120 hectares, performing new plantings each year, and also having agreements with suppliers of another 1,500 hectares.

The winery has modern facilities, which annually produce around 16 million kilograms of grapes and has storage of 19 million liters of wine. Moreover, the facilities have modern refrigeration equipment with a storage capacity of 1,300,000 BTU.

The main white-grapes varieties produced are: Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo, Chardonnay, Macabeo, Gewürztraminer, Viognier, Small grape Muscat, Muscat of Alexandria, and Airen. Among the red ones: Syrah, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot, Red Grenache, Graciano, Aragón, and Bobal.

The company group is completed with ALGARVE 1914, S.L, distillery dedicated to the production of alcohols vinous, oriented to brandies production and alcohol sale for alcohol injection to mistelas, wines and vermouths. One of its main tasks is to select the best alcohols for BOGARVE 1915 to use in elaborating its mistelas and vermouths.

In the past few years, both companies, have not only broken into the national Spanish market, but also have entered powerfully in Europe (Portugal, France, Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Rumania, and Russia), America (USA and Canada), and Asia (China).

Nowadays, the direction of the family business is in transition between the third and the fourth generation, continuing the family centenary tradition.